Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services The security management system plays a pivotal role for any developing organization as it aids to secure the primary and secondary crucial data of interest available in the large database, which if stolen can be of potential threat to the growth of the organization over a long period of time. Therefore, we at Fadsan Technologies Pvt. Ltd. makes sure that your database is confidential and your valuable assets are encrypted in a safe manner from security standpoint.

A dedicated team manages the security services by engaging a robust monitoring and assessment operational software services that covers almost entire device management systems of the organizations. These services are designed with utility and functional packages to flank your data servers enabling them to be away from potential malware and online threats, which otherwise might destroy/corrupts your valuable assets under low security management measures. We manage the organization security process and our team possess a potential capability of designing an appropriate administrative security infrastructure based on the work profile of the associated ventures. Another crucial domain, our team experts work focuses on is the development of incident response system besides, enactment of the flow-cycle for outsourcing the security information in a most encrypted way for different enterprises and business leading ventures.

Some of the preliminary benefits and implications of enabling the managed security services are:

  1. To maintain the conduit of business transaction between the ventures with minimal interference enabling a better understanding of the terms and conditions under security managing process.
  2. Periodical checks of status of server management, security links and issues, maintenance and audits with focus on secured governance for multi-national organization.
  3. Rapid and efficient development of security investments for a long term benefit with a lateral purpose of evaluating the capability of management services within the ventures.

Cyber Security

Managed Security Services The network security based on cyber information assessment has now gained an increased attention in the management systems of auditing consultancy as it serves primary purpose of evaluating the existing information security management system for any business/ IT organization which must be maintained within the established set of parameters. At Fadsan Technologies Pvt. Ltd., we make sure that your organization implement and deploy numerous applications with robust and highly effective security models such that there is no manipulation of data due to vulnerability of theft and cyber hacking. With a view to circumvent the potential threat and increased risk, we offer the specific security modules and security audit services to aid in protecting crucial information database, confidential business intelligent data, comprehensive survey reports and target files which have greater implications towards building future prospects and yielding a competitive growth of the organization. A highly focused expert team at Fadsan Technologies Pvt. Ltd. adopts quintessential approach of auditing the information security to determine the loopholes, glitches and blind-spots in the security models which might lead to vulnerability and leak in database information of business importance, thus making the entire adapted security modules more safe and secure.

Our cyber security developer team consists of security audits analysts and consultant experts have been engaged in a long years of services in effectively maintaining each level of integral component for any organization safer and providing the robust security management infrastructure. In a strictest form, our deliverable of security systems keenly focuses on following aspects:

  1. Adopting the cutting-edge technology and scientifically proven methodologies to develop a vulnerable free central audit security system
  2. Identification and providing solution to the persisting weakness in the information security management system that leads to data thefts and cyber insecurities.
  3. Design and development of highly effective and robust security management module for maintaining the confidentiality of your database
  4. Preserve, protect and restore the integrity of organization information through implementation of high end auditing security tools.
  5. Enabling protocols and authorization servers to implement the policy of restricted access to data such that it is protected and handled by only authorized people of the organization
  6. Identify the functional and operational malware and to rectify them such that the organization meets the platform of standard company