eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce Solutions The e-commerce team performs the primary function of launching and rapidly projecting the venture of the clients associated in the different field of e-commerce thereby, provides keen insight into various aspect of the customers such as user engagement, user behavior, user feedback, user response and user adaptability under the ever-changing market conditions. We are fully engaged in developing a versatile ecommerce portal and associated web server links that helps the clients to identify, manage and differentiate different ventures that are either crucial or critically less important for competitive growth of the company. For new team leaders in the marketing sector, we play a pivotal role in transforming their business on a local event to a global scale by providing the Omni channel strategic pathways for running the offline ventures more effectively and efficiently.

A proficient and technically skilled trained programming team essentially focuses on developing the open-source ecommerce platform, creating new business solution from inspired technology, customization of the specialized ecommerce software, integration and testing of reliable business models, building numerous SMEs, fulfilling the needs of clients based on business intelligence strategy and engaging higher number of user to adopt single platform for e-commerce.

Our goals at Fadsan Technologies Pvt. Ltd. with standpoint of e-commerce can be listed as:

  1. CRM cycle integration
  2. Advertisement, Photography and Filming Services
  3. Logistics and supply chain management
  4. Securing servers for ecommerce portals
  5. Designing ERP – ecommerce mainframe structure
  6. Development of encrypted payment servers and secured bill gateway
  7. Design, Develop, Demonstrate and Deliver the best technologies in hosting the ecommerce portals
  8. Integration of Business model with e-commerce planning

Also, we are fully operations of following open-source platforms:

  1. Zen-cart
  2. Pretshop
  3. woocommerce
  4. Opencart
  5. Magneto