Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management CRM refers to Customers Relationship Management, a highly versatile and comprehensive tool that enables a certain business organization/venture to maintain the database concerning the various aspects of pre-sale and post-sale transaction with customers such as customer’s interest in purchasing the product, popularity of the brand within the market, customers service and assistance, customers experience related to brand usage and customer’s satisfactions over a global and regional domain. A highly professional and dedicated CRM tool developing team focuses on providing a competitive functionality and a seamless inter-rope ability towards catering all the essential needs of the customer for maintaining a loyal and long-term relationship with an associated ventures and business organization in one or more of the following ways:

  1. Development and Automation of sales process cycle and sales force targeting
  2. Contacting and sharing information with center management facility and central database system
  3. Campaign and Advertisement management through online or offline modes such product exhibition, web adds, showcasing potential services as well as providing attractive online sales offer.
  4. Service (Pre- and Post- sales) management and solving the related issues within a given timeframe
  5. AMC and assets management for evaluation of company’s priority needs to deliver the services
  6. Arranging and conducting workshop managements and training programmes
  7. Launching customer loyalty and service assistance management events
  8. Identifying and delivering robust IT infrastructure and business information assets
  9. Providing a cutting-edge and high technology competitive benefits for leading edge

Thus, in a more concrete form CRM forms the heart of any transaction deal that have ever occurred between customer and business managers’ thus, aids in identifying the business potential over the future prospects.